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Art and Design


During their four years at Greneway we aim to give pupils:

  • opportunities to experience many different approaches to art.
  • encouragement to experiment and develop their practical skills.
  • knowledge of and pleasure in the work of other artists.

Years 5 and 6

Art takes place either in the art room or in class bases and is taught by the leader of Art or by the form teacher. Schemes of work have been designed to give experiences of the processes involved in: drawing, painting, print making, 3-D work, creative textiles and computer-aided art. At times these are linked with topics explored in other subjects, for example, the Egyptians in Year 5 and Tudors in Year 6, and whenever possible, pupils look at the way other artists have used these processes in their work.  We draw attention to and experiment with: colour, pattern, tone, line, texture, shape, form and space.

Pupils have the opportunity for large scale group work as well as individual responses.  They all keep sketch books to record and develop their ideas.  Extra opportunities for observational drawing are provided on day visits or school journeys.

During Years 5 and 6 we aim to give pupils experience of museum and gallery visits.  These have included the National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain and the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Pupils are encouraged to discuss their work and that of others and at times write evaluations of their results and set targets for the future.

An art club is run each week for years 5 and 6.



Click here to see the Arts Policy


Years 7 and 8

Pupils have a one hour lesson each week with the Leader of Art, where they continue to develop their experiences of processes and their knowledge of the visual elements such as line, shape and form. The use of the sketch book is extended and pupils are encouraged to develop ideas for independent work.  We aim to develop each individual’s ability to discuss their own and others’ work.

The school journeys provide opportunities to draw directly from observation. In North Wales, for example, pupils build up a visual diary to record their experiences during the week. During Years 7 and 8 we aim to give pupils at least one opportunity to visit an exhibition or an art gallery. Visits recently have been to the Henry Moore Foundation and the National Gallery.

There are many displays of pupils’ art throughout the school including examples of the Year 8 Peace Posters inspired by the theme of the Lion’s International Peace Poster competition.  We also display work pupils have produced working alongside visiting artists. 

Various extra-curricular art ventures are available for pupils to become involved in after school such as set design and painting for school productions and large artwork projects. Links with the Royston Arts Festival continue to grow year on year. Pupils are encouraged to choose to work in the art room during lunchtimes.