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Design and Technology


Design and technology is concerned with developing skills through learning about and working with a range of materials.  Pupils are taught to design and make products, plan stages of making, and to test and evaluate to improve the quality of results.  The importance of knowing and following safe working practices is reinforced at all times.  The subject is closely linked with science, mathematics and art, and develops pupils’ literacy skills through procedural text and evaluation. The subject offers many opportunities for pupils’ ‘Talk for Learning’; for example discussing the stages in making a project when planning.

Years 5 and 6

We aim to build on the knowledge pupils have gained in the First Schools and to develop skills further.  During the two years, pupils work in form rooms and in the well-equipped specialist areas.  Pupils spend one hour on one aspect of the subject a week, throughout the year.

In the food technology area, healthy eating, nutrition and the importance of a balanced diet are emphasised. Tasks range from designing and making healthy fruit and pasta salads, to planning and making a healthy packed lunch and hot bread snack.  These activities have been devised to ensure pupils learn how to use materials and equipment safely whilst developing practical food skills.

Children experience working with textiles through designing and making a small seasonal decoration and a glove puppet project.

During Years 5 and 6 pupils work in units that involve resistant materials, graphics and computer control involving programing and construction kits.  Outcomes range from solving problems using levers and linkages, to designing and making a pull-along mechanical toy, which draws on knowledge of movement and mechanisms. 

Years 7 and 8

Pupils experience two hours of design and technology a week.  They are taught in teaching groups of approximately twenty and timetabled to ensure all groups have access to each of the three key design and technology areas of food, textiles/graphics and resistant materials.

In the food and textiles technology area pupils research, learn to adapt and modify recipes and evaluate both equipment and dishes made, including convenience foods.  They are given opportunities to use sewing machines and continue to develop skills through projects such as designing and making a wall hanging storage device.  Pupils’ graphics skills are developed through participation in design-based units of work involving colour, lettering and logos, rendering and different techniques of printing.  Pupils consider the role of graphics to promote and sell products and to highlight an issue such as endangered species.  Formal drawing techniques such as perspective are taught alongside design based ‘mini projects’. Computer-aided design is taught as a key aspect of designing and making.

In the area of resistant materials, projects involve outcomes in acrylic and wood.  These include a battery-powered vehicle, media holder, clock and a computer-controlled model. Pupils experience working individually and as part of a small team.

Throughout the subject, reference is made to industrial applications of pupils’ project work.  This provides pupils with a greater awareness of, for example, the food industry.

Opportunities are sought to extend pupils’ learning wherever possible, for example through the annual Royston Rotary Technology Tournament.  As part of a Federated Academy, we liaise closely with both Roysia and Meridian Schools to ensure that the National Curriculum requirements are met for Key Stages 2 and 3 and that knowledge and skills continue to develop at Year 9 and beyond. 

At the centre of all project work undertaken is the involvement of pupils in working creatively to produce practical solutions to problems, linked to clear design specifications.

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