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History is a tool of learning and communication looking at people and their progress over different periods of time.  It plays a key part in our understanding of the development of the modern world.  The skills pupils develop through the study of history are applicable to everyday life.

Our aims in history teaching reflect the aims of Greneway in that they:

  • Encourage awareness of the present through a study of different societies, both in time and place.
  • Appreciate the role of discovery, endeavour and achievement.
  • Develop historical concepts of time, cause and effect.
  • Encourage children to think critically and to assess evidence.
  • Use a variety of sources to collect information about the past.
  • Develop socially responsible and informed attitudes.
  • Develop the ability to communicate historical knowledge in oral, written and visual forms using appropriate vocabulary and techniques.
  • To provide pupils with opportunities to express their thoughts and opinions about important historical figures and events.

Our current programme of work in history is as follows:

Key Stage 2


Year 5

History Skills
Children in World War II
Visit to Duxford
Ancient Egypt
Egyptian Re-enactment visitors
Rich and Poor in Tudor Times


Year 6

Becoming a History Detective
Henry VIII
Tudor Exploration
Explorers Re-enactment session
Mayan Civilisation
Britain since 1948


Key Stage 3


Year 7

History Skills
Black Death
Norman Conquest
Medieval Re-enactment day
School journey to Wales
Thomas Becket
Magna Carta
Crusades of Islam


Year 8

Tudor & Stuart Period
Queen Elizabeth I
Guy Fawkes & the Gunpowder Plot
English Civil War / Re-enactment
The Black People of the Americas

The History programme of study includes a range of interactive lessons including re-enactment days for all year groups enabling history to be in the present at Greneway.  The schemes of work in place support and link well with the school literacy targets encouraging pupils to demonstrate their understanding in a range of imaginative ways.

Greneway’s developments in technology have also enhanced the history curriculum with the use of iPad’s, google chrome books and the smart response system to help to engage pupils and to support the assessment of their learning.

To aid the development of the subject all staff delivering lessons meet regularly to review and enhance the teaching resources and to discuss future plans.  Pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential through the provision of varied opportunities including independent projects where pupils can select events and individuals that they have a particular interest in to study in more depth.

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