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Information Technology and Computing (ITC)

Information Technology and Computing plays an important part in education at Greneway, and is used widely in all curriculum areas.  We are very well resourced and have a variety of software and hardware available for pupils’ use.  We have three computer suites which are equipped with PCs and iMacs as well as class sets of laptops, multiple sets of Google Chrome books, a number of Android tablets and three sets of iPads. This means that currently the ratio of devices to pupils is an excellent 1:1.3. This provision is available for pupil use during lessons and at lunchtime computer clubs supervised by staff.


  • To use ITC to support the curriculum.
  • To develop skills associated with ITC.
  • To encourage children to assess the value of ITC and use it when appropriate.
  • To foster confidence in the use of ITC.
  • To understand applications of ITC in the wider world.
  • To develop an awareness of using digital technologies safely.
  • To understand the importance of e-Safety.
  • To facilitate computational and creative thinking to understand and change the world.


Technology provision:

  • 150+ Computer Network with Windows 7 Workstations with access to high speed  Internet and collaborate online workspace.
  • Two networked iMac Computer Centres designed for use in media based projects.
  • All teaching areas have access to Interactive Whiteboards and projectors.
  • Digital cameras and digital video editing facilities.
  • Interactive technologies eg Smart Response and Quizdom
  • Scanners, black/white and colour laser printers.
  • iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops, 200+ Chrome books, projectors and visualisers
  • Onsite technical provision and support in ITC lessons.

Software:  There is a variety of software which supports the following:

  • Animation
  • App Design
  • Authoring
  • Control
  • Computing
  • Databases
  • Desk top publishing
  • 2D Design
  • E-mail
  • Internet
  • Modelling
  • Presentations
  • Qwizdom Interactive Voting System/Smart Response System
  • Research
  • Simulations and decision making
  • Spellodrome
  • Web-authoring
  • Word processing

ITC as a discrete subject and across the curriculum

Pupils have a discrete ITC subject lesson in which digital literacy and computing skills are developed and discussed.  The following shows examples from each year group of topics which particularly engaged and motivated pupils:

Year 5

Year 6

Year 7

Year 8

Using Pixton, a multimedia authoring tool to create animations based on storyboards.

Using Hopscotch software on the iPads to control characters and design and code simple games and activities.

Using Go Control to control models.
Using Scratch to develop games and Touch Develop to work with the BBC micro:bit.

Using Dreamweaver and Google Sites to create webpages to form their own website and MIT App Inventor to create applications for scratch.

The skills developed throughout the projects described above, are clearly transferable throughout the curriculum.  ITC across the curriculum is a very important focus at Greneway. 

The following examples demonstrate some of the work, which especially lends itself to ITC:

  • Using Pixton, a multimedia authoring tool to enhance learning across the curriculum.
  • Data handling in Mathematics, Science and Geography.
  • Desk-top publishing and Word processing in all subjects.
  • Accessing information using a variety of media (e.g. websites, audio sound-bytes, video clips).
  • Using editing and photo-processing software to produce films and animated videos.
  • Control projects in Technology.
  • Using data-loggers in Science.
  • Developing Podcasts across the curriculum.
  • Using iPads for video analysis within Physical Education.


Each pupil is given a school e-mail account which they are encouraged to use for all school-based communication.

Google Sites

Greneway has gone Google. All children have a Google account which enables them to access Google Drive, Google docs/sheets/slides/forms/Classroom and other useful Google applications. This means that children are able to work collaboratively across the curriculum as well as access their documents to share at home. We are currently developing Google sites for class and curriculum areas to enable them to have an online personal learning space.

Extra Curricular Activities and Extended activities.

There are daily computer clubs that allow pupils to complete out of school learning tasks, play educational games or explore further software introduced on ITC lessons. There is also a Google leaders club for some pupils to participate in developing their classes’ site.

We hold Year 5/6, Year 7 and Year 8 Computer Enrichment Clubs so pupils can develop the work they are currently completing in lessons. Pupils who show a flair for ITC are invited to take part in a ‘Challenge’ Club run by Meridian School which enables those pupils to extend their skills beyond the curriculum. In addition, once a half term, a selection of KS3 pupils will be invited to Greneway Programmers club to experience some exciting ways to develop their understanding of programming. Links have been developed with IBM where pupils have had the opportunity to use and learn how to solve crimes using the most up to date forensic and analytical software


Arts Policy

Test your knowledge of Computer Terminology

Would you like to learn to type?

Download MSWLogo free from the Internet

Introductory lessons to the main ITC applications

Test your Publisher Skills by playing Penalty Shootout

Test your PowerPoint Skills by playing Walk the Plank

3D Text Maker


Button Maker



Learn how to use Dreamweaver!

Test your Dreamweaver Skills

Download Scratch