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The Greneway School is a designated Specialist Maths and Computing College in recognition of our excellence in Mathematics Curriculum and high levels of pupil achievement and progress. We have introduced new schemes of work this year to take into account the 2014 National Curriculum with more focus on improving number work and calculation skills. The School has subscribed this year to a range of online support website – Mymaths, Mangahigh and Education City. Together these offer a wealth of services for pupils, parents and teachers to help with the engagement in and promotion of mathematics. This is part of the future for teaching and it is now common practice for work to be set and assessed in this way.

Years 5 and 6

At Key Stage 2 pupils are taught a daily mathematics lesson by their form teacher or a member of the specialist mathematics team usually in a KS2 classroom. A variety of different teaching and learning approaches occur, including paired and small group work, which supports the less able and extends the more able. Pupils are grouped according to ability in order to support the learning needs of all. Small group maths intervention is available for a few pupils in KS2. Pupils regularly use the plentiful computers to compliment the more conventional paperwork.

Years 7 and 8

Pupils at Key Stage 3 are taught four hours of mathematics a week.  The groups are mainly ability based, with careful and regular monitoring by their teachers to ensure the correct placing of the pupils.  Topics include Number and Algebra, Shape Space and Measures, Data Handling and Problem Solving.  Pupils get involved in a wide range of practical activities which help to develop understanding of maths in everyday situations.

Out of school learning

Weekly homework tasks in KS2 are set to focus on and improve basic mathematical skills..  In Year 7 and 8 out of school learning is set every week so that pupils of varying abilities can pursue a worthwhile activity at their own pace away from the school environment.  The work relates closely to that which is being studied in class. As mentioned above this is now often set to be done on computers. Study support club and computer clubs are available daily should pupils have the need for this to be done in school. Occasionally, longer projects are set, usually reflecting the use of mathematics in the real world.

The Maths Centre

The teaching base consists of three spacious teaching areas and is equipped with 15 laptops and 15 iMacs. Year 7 and 8 pupils come here for their lessons and all year groups have access to the wide range of resources available in the centre.  All rooms have the added benefit of interactive whiteboards.

As well as our schemes of work, and The National Curriculum Strategy, we also select appropriate material from a range of published schemes.  We make use of both standard and scientific calculators in carefully planned situations, designed to improve the pupils’ understanding of mathematics and its representation in graphical form. 

Greneway Middle School Mathematics overview

Stage 4 (Year 5)

Stage 5 (Year 5 to 6)

Stage 6 (Year 6 to 7)

Stage 7 (Year 7 to 8)

Stage 8 (Year 8)

Stage 9 (Year 8+)


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