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Physical Education





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Physical Education encompasses:

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Physical Activity, Physical Education and School Sport at Greneway

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Greneway School Physical Education and extra-curricular sport case study

Extra Curricular Clubs List (Autumn/Spring 2016/17)

Fixture List (Spring 2017)

PE Timetable (Summer 2017)

Inter-Form Swimming Gala (Virtual) Results April 2015

Arts Policy

Enjoyable participation for all, leading to achievement, fulfillment and excellence are integral to our PE programmes.� Learning in, and through, physical education enables our children to become:-

  • successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve.
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

Our four year programme builds upon firm foundations from the First Schools and we develop the children further for their next, post-Greneway experiences. All curricular activities are taught in mixed-gender groups.�

We passionately believe that:

Together Everyone Achieves More

Curriculum Time Allocation:

Years 5 and 6�������������� 3 x 60 minute lessons each week
Years 7 and 8�������������� 3 x 60 minute lessons each week

PE Curriculum

The Extra-Curricular Programme

A wide variety of extra-curricular activities and clubs are available, for example:

PE Extra Curricular Programme


  • excellent, fully-equipped gymnasium
  • floodlit, all-weather playing area
  • changing rooms and showers
  • extensive playgrounds
  • extensive, well-maintained playing fields (approx. 7 acres)
  • easy access (150m) to, and use of, Royston Leisure Centre Swimming Pool (25m)
  • a dance/drama studio
  • a hall with stage, lighting and sound systems

Greneway School 'All Time' records

At Greneway pupils are encouraged to strive for success by beating their own personal best results (PB's). Take a look at the Greneway School 'All Time' records

At the Year 8 Celebrations evening each year, pupil success is recognised by each curriculum area. Take a look at

The Greneway Physical Education Award 1991 - 2014.

PE Kit

Outdoor Activities Red/Amber reversible Rugby shirt and/or Red (Greneway) sweatshirt, plain red long socks, plain black shorts, Black (plain) Tracksuit/Jogging trousers, training shoes and/or football boots.
Indoor Activities White (plain) t-shirt, black (plain) shorts.
Swimming Swimming costume (one piece) Girls
Swimming trunks- NOT long shorts Boys
All Lessons A towel, soap for showers, waterproof bag for wet/dirty kit and towel
Optional Sunhat(appropriate and safe) for sun protection
Showers All children have a shower after every lesson unless they have a valid excuse explained by a letter from a responsible adult.
Jewellery The School has a "No Jewellery Policy". The wearing of any jewellery is NOT permitted. Medical bracelets i.e. Diabetes must be covered by a sweat band.
Long hair All long hair must be tied back for all activities

Every member of the team should use every opportunity to reinforce general and personal hygiene standards as part of HRE. Pupils will therefore shower after every lesson, unless excused by official letter.