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Religious Education

Pupils in all years study Religious Education for one hour each week.

As part of each scheme of work pupils learn about people of different religions, cultures and beliefs. Pupils look at how belief and faith can affect the way people live their lives.

Pupils are encouraged to think about their own beliefs, how these affect their lives and how they might differ from people of different faiths and cultures. They explore the idea of a diverse society and how each belief deserves respect.

A wide variety of activities are experienced in RE lessons in order to help pupils express their opinions in different ways. During the four years at Greneway pupils will experience drama, dance music, art, film, debate, story-telling and come across many important artefacts.

We aim for pupils to ask questions about life, beliefs about God, right and wrong and what it is to be human in a safe and open-minded environment. As pupils learn more about different religions they are encouraged to reflect on their own lives and how they might be similar or different to those of particular religions. With this deeper understanding of themselves and the beliefs of others, pupils should develop a greater sense of identity and belonging; as well as the importance of respecting and understanding others. Combined with the variety of religions and cultures studied this contributes greatly to their spiritual and moral development without promoting any particular faith.

Overview of Religious Education Years 5 – 8

  Autumn Spring Summer

Year 5

Journey of life
Bible stories

Learning from Values
Belonging to different groups
Important people

Exploring Worship in different religions
Artwork project:
In the beginning there was…

Year 6


Hinduism – worship, rites of passage, artwork, Divali, in the Hindu home

Morals and Ethics

Christianity – The Bible,
Artwork project:
What questions would you ask God?

Year 7


The ‘self’
Music with meaning
Islam – how does behaviour express belief?

Who am I – My beliefs and actions
Morals and Ethics

What is the meaning of life? Meaning and purpose
Being spiritual
Worship through song, dance, art
Creative project:

Year 8


Morals and Ethics
Decision making

Persecution of
Jews: Why?
Extended project

Portrayal of Islam in the media

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