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Children are very curious and Science can satisfy children’s fascination with nature and how things work. Science at Greneway seeks to encourage this investigative approach to the world by giving them opportunity to explore and discover for themselves.  We have a very practical and hands on way of discovering scientific principles through activities grounded in the real world as well as theoretical work.  We seek to present new discoveries as they happen.  Science is all around you!

The New Programme of Study was introduced to Years 5 and 7 in 2014 and this year to 6 and 8.  We work closely as an Academy with our partner schools to ensure continuity of teaching. Consequently a new transition unit between the Academy schools has been developed.


Greneway is fortunate to have three large, well equipped and recently modernised laboratories, which are used by all year groups.  In Year 5, pupils experience two hours of science teaching per week, which increases to three hours science teaching per week in Years 6, 7 and 8.  ICT is embedded firmly in our DNA and is used throughout the programme of study. The following help provide engaging resources which support the teaching and learning of Science

  • Interactive  Whiteboards
  • Networked computers with Internet access
  • Digital cameras
  • USB microscope
  • iPads with probes to act as dataloggers
  • Chromebooks

Extra Curricular Activities and Enhancement

Each year the whole school takes part in Science and Engineering week and invite visiting speakers to come and share science in the real world with us.  We have had ex pupils come back to explain their research on Sustainable development or the effect of glucagon like peptides on the gut with respect to diabetes, which enthuses the pupils to realise that they are the scientists that will shape our world in the future.  We have been privileged to be the pioneer school in the Chemistry Society’s Big Global Experiment for 2014.  We have taken part in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s global experiment for several years. We also have links to Glaxo Smith Klein who have come in to run enhancement projects.  Johnson Matthey  are involved in a ongoing link with year 5/6 which allows a group to visit the factory and perform ’real science’ there and see Science in action in modern Britain. They also send in experts to deliver continual professional development to the science staff.


The Science Curriculum Topics for 2015-16

We have a continuing emphasis on thinking scientifically in our new Program of Study which is outlined below.

Year 5 Year 6

Introduction to Science
Properties and changes of materials- solids liquids and gases
Earth and Space
Living things and their habitats- life cycles
Living things and their habitats - variation

Properties and changes of materials- reversible and irreversible reactions
Animals including humans
Evolution and inheritance

Year 7 Year 8


Interactions and Interdependencies
Genetics and evolution


Acids and alkalis
Earth and atmosphere


Motions and forces
Electricity and electromagnetism




Nutrition and digestion
Gas exchange systems and cellular respiration
Photosynthesis and Plant reproduction


Atoms, elements and compounds
Chemical reactions
Periodic table


Physical changes
Waves: sound and light

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