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Supporting Pupils with Additional Needs

One of our key aims at Greneway School is to ensure that all pupils access the curriculum and the extra-curricular activities on offer.

Assessment of pupils is carried out through close monitoring; observation; testing and discussion with pupils. This helps us to gauge the type of support required, promoting achievement and progress. 

Assessment Cycle

The Assessment Cycle is an important tool used by all teaching staff to identify the requirements of the needs of all pupils and how to plan for all; some and a few pupils. Barriers to Learning sheets for each class also provide a snapshot of pupil requirements, supporting staff in their lesson preparations.

Identifying Needs and Planning
  • A School Mentor who works with identified pupils in liaison with form teachers and year leaders.
  • A Drama Therapist is employed who can provide therapeutic support for pupils who are emotionally vulnerable.
  • A Transition Worker who supports anxious and/or vulnerable pupils when transferring to the next stage of schooling.
  • A Family Support Worker who supports families and their children in a variety of circumstances.
  • The Grange Base in Letchworth specialises in literacy and maths difficulties, more specifically dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia, providing us with invaluable strategies and advice for pupils in year 5 and 6, when requested.
  • The North Herts Education Support Centre (otherwise known as Behaviour Outreach) provides advice and mentoring for pupils who find it difficult to regulate their behaviour, and both the school and this service work closely together to ensure barriers to learning are overcome or reduced.
  • The Educational Psychologist also has close links with Greneway, providing the necessary assessments; advice and strategies to support pupils with additional needs or very specific needs, when required.
  • The Specialist Advisory Service supports pupils with a diagnosis of ASC and again offers practical support and guidance for both pupils and parents, as well as school staff.
  • Woolgrove, a specialist primary school in Letchworth, can also support us with advice and training sessions, should they be required, on specific disabilities and programmes that may be useful for identified pupils in Greneway.
  • The Speech & Language service also offers support where the therapist comes into school approximately three times a year to work with pupils on their register.
  • A Health Professional can be contacted and involved in cases which require specific advice.

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