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After children have been learning French for two years, we aim to give them the opportunity to build upon their language learning skills by introducing Spanish as their second foreign language in years 7 and 8.


In studying Spanish, we aim for pupils to develop skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  We encourage positive attitudes into learning a foreign language and aim to nurture an awareness of different cultures and civilisations.  We aim to provide enjoyment and intellectual stimulation for children of all abilities.

Year 7 – 8

In years 7 and 8 the children are taught in their form groups in a dedicated language classroom, with nearby shared access to computers, chrome books and to a class set of iPads.  In the early stages of language learning, pupils are taught various skills which help them to use and respond to Spanish:

  • Children are taught how to listen carefully in order to discriminate sounds, identify meaning and develop auditory awareness. 
  • Oral work plays a key part of lessons and children are encouraged to develop their confidence through asking and answering questions. Correct pronunciation and intonation, are reinforced.
  • Children are shown different techniques for memorizing key words and vocabulary and helped to see how to use context and clues to interpret meaning.
  • Grammar is introduced and children are taught how to apply the rules of grammar in order to construct sentences effectively.  They are encouraged to draw upon the grammar they have already covered in French.




Year 7-Autumn

Greetings/ Introducing yourself / Age/ Birthday/ Counting to 31/ The alphabet/ Spanish speaking countries/ In the classroom/ definite and indefinite articles / verb Tener / Phonics

Year 7-Spring

School subjects/ Opinions on teachers and subjects / Talking about what you do in lessons / adjectives and agreements / Learning a selection of present tense verbs in the first person.

Year 7 Summer

Your family members/ physical descriptions/ personalities/ pets/ verbs ser and tener.  Beginning to conjugate a variety of verbs in the present tense.

At home
Year 8- Autumn

Countries/ describing where you live/ talking about your house and what you do in it/ conjugating verbs in the present tense / stem changing and reflexive verbs in the present tense/ prepositions

Free Time
Year 8 –Spring

What you do in your free time/ Telling the time / Talking about sports /  verbs: salir, hacer and ir - Irregular verbs in the present tense / Using the verb gustarse with infinitives/ Future tense in the first person

My town
Year 8-Summer

Describing your town/ directions/  Weather / talking about what you do at weekends (using 2 tenses together)









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