The Greneway Middle School

The Greneway Middle School

Garden Walk, Royston, Herts. SG8 7JF
Telephone: 01763 243650  (School Receptionists, Mrs N Bedford/Mrs N Johnson)   Email:


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Order online at

Schoolyard Ltd, Units 1&2, RO24 Jarman Way, Royston, SG8 5FE

Tel:  0800 132988

They welcome parents who wish their child/ren to try on the uniform at their Jarman Way facility before ordering on-line.


School Uniform

  • White shirt (standard top buttoning or tailored, revere-necked)
  • Greneway School tie (not required with revere-necked shirt)
  • Bottle green V-necked sweatshirt with school motif
  • Plain grey skirt, a divided grey skirt or plain grey trousers (not multi-grey, coloured or black and not cords/jeans/skinny and not branded i.e Miss Sexy)
  • In the summer pupils may wear plain, dark grey tailored knee length shorts or a green and white school uniform dress if they choose
  • Grey, white, or black socks; neutral colour, black or grey tights
  • Black shoes (either lace-up, Velcro, zip or buckle fastening). 
  • Heels to be no higher than 1-2 cm
  • Boots and trainers are not allowed
  • Coats should be suitable for all weather conditions and not extreme fashion items
Greneway School uniform

PE & Sportswear

Outdoor activities:

  • Plain white T-shirt,
  • Plain black shorts,
  • Long red socks
  • Red/black reversible rugby shirt and/or post-box red sweatshirt with school motif
  • Plain black tracksuit/jogging trousers (optional) – no contrasting piping, stitching or logos
  • Training shoes/plimsolls
  • Football boots
Outdoor PE kit for girls Outdoor PE kit for boys

Outdoor summer activities and indoor work:

  • Plain white T-shirt
  • Plain black shorts (not cycling shorts)
  • White socks
  • Training shoes/plimsolls


Indoor PE for girls Indoor PE Kit for boys

Swimming activities:

  • Swimming costume/trunks (not LONG shorts)
  • A waterproof bag for wet/dirty kit/towel
  • Change of underwear

Towel and soap for showers will be needed for all activities

Swimming costume for girls Swimming trunks for boys


Watches are the only form of jewellery permitted.  including ‘Fitbit’ ™ that monitors health only, ‘Fitbits’ ™ that receive communications are not permitted. 


Parents and Carers are requested to arrange for children who wish to have their ears pierced during the school year to have this done at the beginning of the summer holiday so that the pierced hole will heal during the holiday period and the earring(s) can be removed before the child returns to school in September. 

We do not allow pupils to wear earrings at any time, including when they have recently had their ears pierced. No other body piercings are allowed.

We operate this rule to protect the health and safety of our pupils. 


Haircuts should look smart and not follow extreme fashion trends which draw unnecessary attention to the pupil.  The wearing of hair braids or beads is not allowed on health and safety grounds. Long hair should be tied back with uniform coloured hairbands. 

Make -Up

Children should not wear make-up or nail varnish in school.


We take a pride in our uniform and expect pupils to look smartly dressed in full school uniform.

You must try to keep this neat and tidy. 

The uniform helps you feel that you belong to Greneway and you don’t have to spend time worrying about what to wear in the mornings! 

You must wear your full school uniform on the way to and from school.

Requests for alterations in uniform to meet individual religious, cultural or special needs will be given careful consideration.

Should you have any queries regarding the school uniform or any aspect of this guidance please contact the school office on 01763 243 650.


Parents / Carers experiencing financial difficulties in equipping their child with the correct uniform should contact the School.