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Active Listeners

At Greneway we have a proactive approach to bullying. Alongside our Anti-Bullying policy (which all pupils read and sign each year) our Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to train as Active Listeners.

All Year 6 pupils are given the opportunity to apply to be an Active listener by completing an application form, these children are carefully selected based on the merit of their applications and their character.

Once the selections have been made the children receive two hours intense training from Miss Scoot and Miss Ward. The training covers: the different types of bullying; how to support somebody; how to read body language and most importantly how to listen to other people’s problems.

The Active Listeners are not there to advise but to listen and support a pupil.

Year 6 Active Listeners are based around the Year 5 and 6 playgrounds and keep an eye out for people that may need support; this may include children who have visited the Buddy Stop (pictured right). When a child visits the Buddy Stop it identifies they are looking for support and an Active Listener will be along to help.

As the Active Listeners move into Year 7 and 8, their support continues. They are allocated an area to monitor i.e Kingfisher Room or Buddy Stop. Their role is to support the Year 6 Active Listeners as well as be in a designated place to give support.

Buddy Stop
Pupils at Greneway are aware who the Active Listeners are as well as where to find them.
Active Listeners