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House System

There is a new and exciting development at The Greneway School. We are beginning a house system where all pupils and members of staff will belong to one of four houses. The houses are:
Click here for the Crow Learning Platform space Click here for the Ermine Learning Platform space Click here for the Rose Learning Platform space Click here for the Stag Learning Platform space

The winning designs are by Pippa Wisdom, chosen because of their links with the local area.

Pippa's reasoning behind her designs:

  • The crow represents Royston's Hooded Crow which in the past, was a common visitor.
  • The stag represents the county of Hertfordshire.
  • The ermine represents Ermine Street, the old and famous street that runs directly through Royston. The backgrounds on the ermine shield represents royalty as it is ermine fur that is used on the bottom of coronation clothing. This is because James I frequently visited his hunting lodge in Royston.
  • The rose represents the founding of Royston's name. It started as Rosia Stone then went to Roy stone and is now Royston.

The Wisdom Trophy

Being part of a house means that you can gain points for good work, helpfulness, leadership etc. and that all the members of the house work together to aim to win the house cup – The Wisdom Trophy – at the end of each term. On the last day of each term the trophy will be presented to the winning house in main school assembly. The winning house will keep the cup for the term.

The Wisdom Trophy was presented to the school by former headteacher Mrs Susan Kennedy as a parting gift to the school.

The Wisdom Trophypresented by Mrs Susan Kennedy

As well as earning points for good work and behaviour we will also be running house competitions and points will be awarded for a houses finishing position in each competition. It is our aim to have at least one competition each term including for example chess, cooking or general knowledge.

Our hope is that this new organisation system will bring about increased participation in a wider range of activities and desire to achieve through a friendly rivalry between houses. You will also get the chance to work with and compete against pupils from other year groups as well.

Pupils will be given a house on their first day and stay in that house for the four years whilst at The Greneway School. Members of staff will also be allocated a house and they will work with the pupils in celebrating successes and organising events.

Our hope is that as a result of the house system, you will get:

  • Increased aspirations through academic competition.
  • More involved in extra-curricular activities.
  • Quality pastoral care in a family atmosphere.
  • The chance to be mentored and to mentor others.
  • A distinct set of values and characteristics from their house which will help them to form strong personal values.
  • A stronger voice in decision-making across the school.